Another great website with lots of coding practice to learn coding programming in any programming language and improve your coding skills.
CodeAB - Programming problems for beginners to practice and learning
Practice solving programming problems, learn programs and codes, and get certifications
There is no doubt that SQL is one of the essential skills of any IT professional programmer, and unfortunately there are very few websites or free courses where you can learn SQL.
If you already know the basics, this is the best place for beginners to learn SQL and improve their SQL query skills.
It provides interactive SQL tutorials with complete tests to improve your SQL query skills
New server on January 16, 2020. Report bugs at Older server still available ...
13. Immersion
Git and GitHub are one of the best websites for learning, one of the essential skills for today's programmers. It provides a guided tour through the basic principles of Git, driven by the basis that you need to know something.
This is one of the best courses from Git and the great Jim Verich.
If you include it in your .bashrc and .gitconfig files, the last names suggested in this course can greatly improve your productivity.
Immerse yourself in the motion
A guided tour on the basic principles of Git is based on the need to know the basics. Git ...
14. Learn Git Sharing
SVN, CVS Branching and merging are some of the most difficult concepts to master in any source control tool like that, and it’s no different in Git, but nothing more. On this interactive website, learn how to merge and branch in GIT like others.
Git branching is one of the visual and interactive ways to learn git on the internet. There are lots of challenging exercises with amazing levels that showcase powerful features step-by-step and can also give a little fun along the way.
Learn git branches
An interactive git visualization tool for learning and challenging!
You can play the game and learn to program in Python and JavaScript. Learning One of the best interactive and fun sites in online learning.
Learn Haskell with free interactive lessons.
Watch the Ruby video and learn Ruby by doing exercises. It is now merged with the plural.
18. Thoughtful. Community
Another type of website where you can choose a course and hire a mentor.
Free interactive tutorials to help you find Ruby phrases in your browser. The website offers separate courses for beginner, advanced and experienced Ruby developers to further improve their knowledge of the Ruby programming language.
A great website for learning the basics of Python. This is one of the most popular programming languages ​​of the decade that lets you use a wide range of things, from automating trivial things to developing websites and using everything from machine learning and data science. If you need more reasons to learn Python, check out this article.

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